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Submitted on
March 26, 2012


UPDATE 3/29/12: Your Thursday DEAD DUCK comic… is filled with more Canadian references than you can shake a hockey stick at!



It's anything you want me to draw! The first ten people who send me a note here on DA with a suggestion to draw, AND send me payment for it, will be put on the list and have their request honored.   

*For just $10, I will draw anything you request, and will e-mail you a black and white digital file of the artwork. Please be sure to send me a link to some reference images.
*Be sure to give me your e-mail address so I can send you the art when it's done.
*You CAN request more than one character in a single drawing. Just know that it is $10 per character.
*You CAN request more than one drawing.
*Elaborate backgrounds are an extra $10
*Your request will NOT be locked in until I receive payment. Do NOT just write me with a request and assume your spot is saved. It's first pay, first serve. I accept PayPal, and you can access my account at:
*When sending me notification that your payment has been sent to my PayPal, please include your REAL NAME as well as your DA handle, and the name of the cartoon character you've paid me to draw.
*THIS OFFER DOES NOT INCLUDE ORIGINAL ART--JUST DIGITAL FILES! I needed to make that clear since there's been confusion in the past.
*These commissions are only $10 per character--a very good, affordable, reasonable deal. So any requests for me to go back and change a drawing in any way will require an additional $10.

It can take between 1 and 2 weeks for commissions to get completed, but I always leave my customers satisfied. So what're you waiting for? Send me those requests before the list gets filled!


1. :iconhatescomputers:

2. :iconjklind:

3. :iconozwick:

4. :iconjay-tigran:

5. :icongeorgia-o-queef:

6. :iconjavidluffy:

7. :iconneweraoutlaw:

8. :iconhatescomputers:

9. :icontimekeeper9:

10. :iconhfoded123:


The JAY P. FOSGITT 2011 SKETCHBOOK is a 32 pages black and white comic book-format publication that features rarely seen sketches, concepts and completed drawings from Jay's personal sketchbooks. The cover features a drawing of an adorable bunny holding a copy of Action Comics #1 at gunpoint (what's more adorable than that?)--and for anyone who orders a copy, Jay will draw YOU on the cover as the bunny's hostage! Want to know how to get a copy? Here are the facts:

*I only have forty copies available at $20 each (Add $10 for shipping)
*I accept PayPal for all payments, and you can access my account at:
*To order a copy, you must first contact me here to confirm that there are still copies available. Once I confirm it, send me your mailing address, and I link to an image of yourself if you want to be caricatured on the cover.

*Copies are limited, and are available for $25 each (add $10 for shipping)
*Each copy will be autographed, and will include an original Dead Duck or Zombie Chick sketch on the inside cover.
*I accept PayPal for all payments, and you can access my account at:
*To order a copy, you must first contact me here to confirm that there are still copies available.


ORIGINAL ART (I mail it to you):
8 1/2 x 11 black and white, single character, minimal background: $60, two characters: $80, with color print: $100 (add $10 for shipping)

11 x 17 black and white, maximum five people, $150, with color print included, $175 (add $10 for shipping)

8 1/2 x 11 signed prints: $20. I'm capable of turning almost any of my work into prints. Poke around my gallery for ideas, or else contact me to see what's available.

I accept Paypal for payment on all commissions. You can access my Paypal at:
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"Ducky, you need to buy me a new butt!" That happens to me with chipotle or curry. Myself, I'll stick to Diet Mug or A&W. The kicker is not only the line, but in the pin-up pose she's in. Nice hockey riffs, but where are the goons in taped-up horn-rims? Thank you for this wonderful trip full of Canadian jokes.
Love the Slasher Anonymous gag. One day at a time, folks, one day at a time!

As for macabre, I'll buy that. But you balance it out with cute stuff as well.
SRSobotka Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Damn it, I missed this... and especially when I was going to get a slot for my birthday coming up. :/

-- Stephen
See? It filled up pretty quick.
Argh... such a deal... but I won't have the dough until the first of APEril.

Guess that I will just have to hope that the Magic Invisible Guy in the Sky is on my side.

Sweet hamhocks... I don't even know whom I would request. ***Engage serotonin re-uptake inhibitors***
jhwood9 Mar 26, 2012   Traditional Artist
I'll have to pass on this one, as I'm funding a continuity strip right now (and some other projects too). My wife keeps me on a tight budget.
JayFosgitt Mar 26, 2012  Professional Artist
Bummer, Jeffrey! Haven't had you in the list in for awhile now! But I'll be here whenever you want to get in on these again!
jay-tigran Mar 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Finally colored my last commission from you: [link]
Gamecreature Mar 26, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
That does it, I'm packing it in. Good luck, can't wait to see what you create.
jhwood9 Mar 26, 2012   Traditional Artist
Hey, you can't quit yet. You still owe me one.
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